TBYB – Introduction to Aquaponics



TBYB – Introduction to Aquaponics



This course is compiled by Kleinskuur Aquaponics, recognised experts with a decade of practical experience in the field. In this course you will learn the why and how of aquaponics, starting from why we need healthy food, to what makes an aquaponic system work well, how to manage the fish and plants in your system, right through to the business side of things. After this course you will understand the design principles of a working aquaponic system and can apply the knowledge of growing fish and vegetables in aquaponics. You will have the option of spending a day visiting a working farm with the rest of the course consisting of theory, including marketing of produce and how to prepare a basic business plan.

This short course will be useful for aspiring aquaponic farmers, and everyone who already has a system going, as well as those wanting to increase their knowledge of farming with nature.

The following Unit Standard will be covered:

  • Produce crop in a hydroponic system – US 116314: NQF L4, Credits 4