TBYB – Basic Goat Production



TBYB – Basic Goat Production



Our year-round programmes provide learners with flexibility, including a meticulously designed course to empower them with essential knowledge for success in entrepreneurial endeavours, specifically in goat production. It caters to both novice and experienced farmers, enhancing their production capabilities. The course structure combines a one-day hands-on farm visit where students can complete Logbooks and gain validation from the visited farmer with two subsequent days of online theoretical instruction and workbook completion. Students can schedule a farm visit to the Agri Skills Transfer farm to gain practical exposure, ensuring they acquire well-rounded expertise in beef cattle production. An alternative option allows remote students to complete Logbooks and receive validation from visited farmers, ensuring inclusivity. This comprehensive approach ensures participants develop a deep and practical understanding of goat production. Importantly, the course is tailored for generic goat production, making it suitable for various farming ventures, whether in meat or dairy goat farming. The skills and knowledge acquired through this program are indispensable for enhancing production efficiency and fostering success in the agricultural field.

The following Unit Standard will be covered:

  • Observe and inspect animal health – US 116074: NQF L2, Credits 5